2020 Handouts/Talks

Schedule 2020

Keynote: Insect Apocalypse? What Is Really Happening, Why it Matters and How Native Plants are a Vital Part of the Solution by Scott Hoffman Black

Session 1 Breakout:

Session 2 Breakout:

Session 3 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Native Plants for Patios, Pocket-Prairies and Postage-Stamp Yards by Deryn Davidson Natives in Small Spaces
  • Knows the Natives: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: IPPM for Native Gardens by Amy Yarger

Session 4 Breakout:

Closing Keynote: Before and After: Landscape Makeovers with Native Plants Panel: Deryn Davidson, Jim Tolstrup and Amy Yarger Design and Installation of a Native Plant Garden

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