2021 Garden Grants

Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants Conference Grant program

Submit grant to: LWCNPgrant@gmail.com

There are two categories – Residential and Public gardens.

Residential – 2 @ $500 grants

Public – 2 @ $2,000 grants

Grants are due March 31 – decisions will be made April 15th.  Funding is on a reimbursement basis – receipts can submitted starting May 1.

Grant money is to be used for plant material ONLY.  ALL plants must be Colorado native plants, with preference for straight species rather than nativars where possible. In order to reimburse grant recipients,  we will require a detailed receipt of the plant material purchased including species names.

Photos are required to participate in this program including: Before, installation, end of first season, and then at least once a year for two more years.  Photos submitted as part of this grant will be used by the LWCNP conference in whatever way the conference sees fit.

Each grant will be scored in three different categories:

  1. Likelihood for success of the garden.
  2. How it supports the mission of the conference (The Landscaping with Colorado Native Plants Conference promotes the inclusion of native plants in our landscaping to benefit pollinators and songbirds, save water, and restore the beauty and health of nature in the places we live, work and play. While we recommend the use of straight species and local ecotypes wherever possible, we support the use of varieties and cultivars of native species as long as their breeding doesn’t interfere with their ability to function in nature and maintain key relationships with pollinators and other lives.).
  3. Education/outreach value of the garden.

Residential Garden Grant Application

Public Garden Grant Application

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