Schedule 2020

8am: Registration opens – snacks, drinks and bookstore

9am: Welcome and Keynote: Insect Apocalypse? What Is Really Happening, Why it Matters and How Native Plants are a Vital Part of the Solution by Scott Hoffman Black

10:10am: break

10:30am: Session 1 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Native Plants for Patios, Pocket-Prairies and Postage-Stamp Yards by Deryn Davidson
  • Knows the Natives: Seed Collection and Germination Theory by Mike Bone

11:20am: Break

11:35am: Session 2 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Kill Your Lawn and Save Colorado by Jim Tolstrup
  • Knows the Natives: Reality Check: When Natives Do and Don’t Work for Landscaping and Gardens, and How to Win that Game by Kenton Seth

12:25pm: Lunch: Please visit vendors!

1:20pm: Session 3 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Your Yard Can Make a Difference: Habitat Gardening Fundamentals by Irene Shonle
  • Knows the Natives: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: IPPM for Native Gardens by Amy Yarger

2:10pm: Break

2:25pm: Session 4 Breakout:

  • New to Natives: Right Plant, Right Place: Reading the Landscape of Your Yard by Susan Tweit
  • Knows the Natives: Rooftop and Rain Gardens by Jennifer Bousselot

3:15pm: Break

3:30pm: Closing Keynote: Before and After: Landscape Makeovers with Native Plants Panel: Deryn Davidson, Jim Tolstrup and Amy Yarger

4:30: Closing remarks and DOOR PRIZES!