8:00am: Registration opens

9:00am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

9:10am: Keynote Address: Panayoti Kelaidis

10:00am: break

10:20am: Breakout Session 1

  • New to Natives Track: Gardening for Butterflies, Birds, and Pollinators by Amy Yarger
  • Knows the Natives Track: Maintenance of Native Gardens by Susan Tweit

11:10 am: Breakout Session 2

  • New to Natives Track: Adding Natives to Existing Landscapes by Larry Vickerman
  • Knows the Natives Track: Rock/Crevice Gardening and Bare Root Planting by Kenton Seth

12:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm: Breakout Session 3

  • New to Natives Track: Plant This, Not That by Jennifer Bousselot
  • Knows the Natives Track: Soils for Native Plants by Jean Reeder

1:50pm: Breakout Session 4

  • New to Natives Track: Natives for Year Round Interest by Irene Shonle
  • Knows the Natives Track: Passive Water Harvesting by Deryn Davidson

2:40pm: Break

3:00pm: Panel: Propagating Interest in Natives

  • Jim Tolstrup, Mikl Brawner, Katie Wieczorek, Kelly Grummons